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   I’m really starting my blog this time. I have put it off for so long because I just couldn’t get it together to present a “professional” looking blog. On New years Day 2016, I was perusing the internet with my coffee and started reading a blog by a lady who shall remain nameless. I have nothing against her personally, and to be honest, I actually love her work. Go lady on the Internet!! Let’s just say that she is a designer and that she is beautiful, thin and can afford to remodel her bathroom whenever the mood strikes. In her blog, she was sharing some of her favorite moments of 2015. There were pictures of her beautiful home, her amazing outfits and some of her career high points. Everything presented was Pinterest Perfect. And let’s face it, totally fucking unrealistic. I felt like shit about myself for like 2 hours after I read it. Happy New Year to ME! What I have come to realize, is that reading blogs and looking at Pinterest and Instagram can really do your head in. So, I’m going to offer you another option. I am going to offer you my authentic self. My real life. AND some really pretty pictures!

I’m going to begin by  telling you, straight up, that there is strawberry jam on my sofa (cuz kids) and I’m currently sitting here wearing sweaty yoga pants. Bras come off as soon as I enter the house. Nursing boobs right here. Only one bed in the house is made and my car is full of crumbs, BUT, I did make it to my spinning class. Which I’m super proud of. Mama needs to exercise to be nice. And after having my two beautiful babies, let’s just say that I don’t wear bikinis anymore but I will rock my one piece. You know, the one has lots of rouching. Yep, that one. I can tell you that while I do not feel beautiful all the time, I do sometimes. There are moments, many of them actually, when I look at these two wonderful, amazing and very annoying and messy little children that my husband and I created when I feel profound happiness. And sometimes it occurs to me that there is so much beauty to behold in all of this imperfection and chaos. And then after feeling that happiness, I will go and  clean up the house. THIS is motherhood and this shit is real. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be presenting you with some pretty pictures because, let’s face it, it is my job and I am a lover of beautiful things. But I will be doing so with my authentic voice and my goal here is that maybe you drink your morning coffee while looking at my blog, you have a giggle, see some pretty pictures and know that you are not alone when you think about ejecting your kids from their car seats with the press of a button. I want to make people, especially women, feel good. I want you to know that I am on your side and that sometimes I still wear my maternity pants because that shit is comfortable.

So for my first post, I am going to present you with some photos from one of my favorite photo shoots this year. And of course, it is a shoot with my kids! I love these photos of my daughter Jasmine. They were taken on a walk, right before a crazy storm was about to hit. The air was brisk and electric. You could feel like something was about to happen. Jazzy was starting to feel a little nervous and as I was shooting her with a long lens, I was with her and yet she was also just having this little moment to herself watching the clouds come in. I just love the tension in these images. And the colors. And maybe I love it even more that she is not looking at the camera and smiling.


One of my favorite images from 2016.

The storm is coming.


A moment of grace.


Followed by a moment of smothering. What can I say, my girl loves hard. So fierce.


This guy.


Introducing Traves James. Pronounced like Travis. And he is perfection.


                  Sticks yo. Such focus.


I’m so madly in love with him. The whole Mother-Son thing is beyond words.


She has been an amazing big sister. I couldn’t be more proud.


Here I am in all my glory. My friends will tell you that I hate having my picture taken. But I like this one. It’s just me and my cubs.

This is the end of my first post. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you come back!

Here’s to loving your messy, stinky poop filled lives and to finding the beauty in the small stuff.

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