Lummi Island 2017


Welcome back to The Unblog!

So, last year I started this here blog and then promptly forgot about it and moved onto other projects. This was, in part, because I’m working on a million things at once and also because posting without the personal feels inauthentic to me. So, I have decided to write posts, more often, that  feel good to post, not just blatant efforts to keep my website on the Google radar. I do have to blog, it’s part of my job but it doesn’t have to be over-curated posts that contain Pinterest perfect images that make everyone feel like crap in comparison. Instead, I will offer up some images from my private life that I love. The images below are of people that I love and that my husband and I have known since high school. Kids being free in nature. It’s my thing. This summer we rented a house on Lummi Island with our friends who spent time there growing up. Four families in a house on the beach and 9 kids.


Welcome to Heaven.



My son Traves on the left and his new friend Willa making a splash.



This is Willa (above). Her Mom grew up on the island and was also visiting when we were there. I absolutely loved shooting her.



Billie, my son Traves’s friend. It’s real towhead love.



My son Traves making a splash.


This black and white shot of Willa is one my faves from the trip.



Love me some Rosie. She’s a friend, fellow photographer and one my favorite muses.




Rebecca takes Frida to see the resident deer.



Billie Bobcat. (above)


Watching Ryan face paint with the kiddos is pretty sweet.



My daughter Jasmine in her happy place. (above)



Love me some almost dead flowers.



This is Bobbi (above). My friends knew her when they were growing up. For me, one of the highlights was meeting the ladies of Lummi Island. They are all amazing women. Total powerhouse Mama’s with huge hearts and old souls.

I would rather spend an evening with any of them with a glass of wine than go out on the town any day. You know they all have crazy island stories to tell.



Bobbi let the kids loose with the face paint. She’s such a gem. And just so beautiful inside and out.




Emma (above)



Rosie, Lola and the van. I really want a Vanagon.



Lola, Outfit of the day. So good.



My girl.



Mama Rosie and Baby Frida at the river.



Nursing on the go.



Traves and the shark.



Milo, maxin and relaxin at the river. (above)



Cousin love.



Baby Buns are kinda my thing.



That river life… I’m into it.






Daddy time.



Lola and Billie, another fave pic of mine from the trip. (below)



My snuggle buddy AKA Roxanna helping Cousin Billie out.



We turned these blackberries (below) into a delicious crumble.



More blackberries…



Listen Frida, I’m bigger than you and I AM the boss.



Kid powered at Ria and Basil’s property.



Ria (on the left) & Emma. Ria is a total bad-ass. She’s smart, funny and confident and gives zero fucks. I want to be like her when I grow up.



Basil, (below) Lummi resident artist on the left, and Willie. AKA Uncle Wiwwie.



This little one was another favorite. Such sweetness.



Basil and Ria’s shop. I could have spent a lot more time in there. Like a lot.



Ria sleeps under the stars every night. She has an awning for when it rains. Love it.



Loretta (below) and her twin Roxanna are two of Jazzie’s closest friends and teachers.



Trav watching his sister. And yes, he was naked the whole trip.


Lummi Island 2017

Would love to go back in the winter and enjoy the rain.

Until next time.













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